Nov. 3rd, 2017 10:19 pm
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How am I doing? Good? Bad? Something else entirely? Feel free to tell me here! Comments are all screened!
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❁ florian
age: physically 15, actually 3
sex: male
hair/eyes: green/green
height: 5'5 (168cm)

memex room 307

❁ general permissions
mindreading: ✔
touching: ✔✔✔✔
fighting: ✔?
torture: X
death: ✔...?
squicks: ???
fourth-walling: X

❁ inventory
a ball that bounces very high with minimal force
a rock
a 14" black stuffed bunny with floppy ears
a live white lop-eared bunny


May. 22nd, 2013 11:42 am
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[Hello Luceti, the Ion on your screen today is actually Florian wearing a colored paper headdress with green feathers taped onto it. Also his old newfeather dress, because why not. Lying on the floor in a sudden fit of ennui, he picks up his journal for some chatting.]

Ion's chair broke...I wanted to play with it, too. [He pauses for a moment, thinking. If Ion's chair is broken, then does somebody have to carry him around? Or do they find a new chair? Or--oh hey there's a big stick under his bed he'd totally forgotten about that.]

...Is there a special way to punch people? Like how there's special ways to use a sword, and you have to practice and all of that. So maybe I could learn to fight like that, and then I could save the day and be a hero and ride a dragon and--

[He's been lifting the journal higher and higher over his head as he says this from his position on the floor, to the point that it's practically touching the floor--which is when it slips out of his fingers and falls shut. Oops.]
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[Hello Luceti, it seems Florian's drawing pictures again. It's Christmastime after all, and even if he's new to the holiday he's managed to get a little holiday spirit. In fact, he's even kind of quietly singing! To the tune of Happy Birthday, but hey, it's still a song.]

Happy Christmas to yooou, happy Christmas to yooouu, happy Chriiismaas Lucetiii, happy Christmas to yooouu~
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[florian has been wandering around the village today, peeking in shops, attempting to climb trees, stalking bugs through the grass. the usual thing. he might have even run into one of you wonderful lucetians, it's a definite possibility.

it's been a really long time since he actually properly wrote in this journal thing of his, too, come to think of it - so sometime this afternoon, after a good few hours of running around, he sits down on the ground somewhere and asks an important question.]

I just thought of do you know what you're not supposed to eat? Like, you can eat spinach but you shouldn't eat leaves.

...Do deer eat leaves? Maybe I can eat them after all...


May. 21st, 2012 09:44 pm
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[Florian's been feeling kinda down lately. What with the general mess his little family's currently in - injuries and death and all-around sadness - this might have been inevitable. Either way, he's currently sitting quietly in his room, drawing pictures in his journal with pretty pretty crayons. Aside from the purple mustache monster, he's also drawn Mieu and some flowers and a bright yellow sun, with little black crayon captions all over. Just for the fun of it.]


Apr. 5th, 2012 12:10 pm
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[florian's been thinking for a while now, and - well. what with ion being haru and all that other weird stuff going on, now's as good a time as any, right? so on this page, underneath some thoughtful scribbles of rappigs and flowers and bugs, he'll write a little question:]

If somebody gives you a name, and then they forget they gave it to you, is it still your name?
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[hello luceti. there is currently a (possibly familiar) green-haired child hiding behind community building 5, wearing a pretty new-feather dress. are those pretty? i think they're pretty.

the kid looks kinda scared, huddled against the wall like that, and shivers on occasion while poking around with the magical bookmunicator.]

...I wish this book was a map.


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